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Multifamily Housing in the Washington, DC Region: Demand and Supply Trends

Multifamily Housing in the Washington, DC Region: Demand and Supply Trends

January 2014 – The nature of the demand for and the supply of multifamily housing in the Washington region is changing rapidly. This research examines the existing stock of multifamily housing in the region, projections for population, and the implications for multifamily housing units as demographic, market demand and housing finance options shift.

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Housing the Region’s Future Workforce

Housing the Region's Future Workforce

December 2013 - As employment in the Washington Metropolitan Area increases over the next 20 years, the region will need to add nearly 550,000 new housing units accommodate the net new workers. This report forecasts the location, type and affordability thresholds for these new units.

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CRA Working Paper Series (recent releases)

CRA Working Paper Series (recent releases)

CRA Working Paper 2014-02: A Profile of Higher Educational Institutions in the Washington DC Metropolitan Area, May 2014
CRA Working Paper 2014-01: The Potential Impact of the Panama Canal Expansion on the Port of Virginia, February 2014

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Community Snapshot of the National Capital Area

Community Snapshot of the National Capital Area

May 2013 - Working with the United Way of the National Capital Area, CRA completed a comprehensive report on a range of economic, demographic, social, health, and community indicators for the Washington area. This report is being used by the United Way to help guide their ongoing initiatives in the region.

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” The federal government is a major contributor to the local economy. It isn’t free money though, and the real story here is that the Washington area workforce works very hard. We have more wage-earners per household than any metropolitan area” – Dr. Fuller on the impact of the federal government on the region’s affluence


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Regional Indicators

Green arrow up #3 Wash Metro Unemployment Rate*
5.6% (Aug-14), up 0.1 from Aug-13
Green arrow up #3 Wash Metro Jobs*
3.1M (Sep-14), up 10.7K from Sep-13
 Green arrow up #3 Wash Metro Median Home Price**
390K (Sep-14), up 0.8 from Sep-13

* Not Seasonally Adjusted
** Eight-jurisdiction region as defined by RBI

Housing Corner

Housing Market Updates

These reports produced by CRA and RBI RealEstate Business Intelligence provide a snapshot of area housing market trends

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CRA’s David Versel is a regular contributor to the Northern Virginia Association of Realtors RE+VIEW magazine and the blog.  Recent articles include:



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